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We make the world greener, a seedling at a time. Because green is the colour of life.

Our Story

About Us

Royal Plants & Nurseries (RPN) was incorporated in 2009 as a private company and its mandate was to enhance the farming of macadamia nuts in Western Uganda by propagating macadamia seedlings for distribution to farmers to ensure sustainable supply of the nuts.

With time, RPN has diversified its products to other seedlings including: Macadamia, Hass Avocado, coffee, grafted mango seedlings, grafted orange seedlings, pinus and eucalyptus seedlings (clones). RPN has a resourceful managerial and technical team that assists farmers in an advisory role and ensures production of clean planting materials.

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To be the leading private company in sourcing, multiplication/propagation, and marketing of high-quality planting materials that create wealth for the rural poor.


To increase the wealth of poor rural communities through provision of improved planting materials.

Our Products

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At Royal Plants & Nurseries (RPN) we raise plants through micro propagation (Tissue Culture) and conventional propagation. Our plant products are highly acclaimed nationally and internationally owing to quality.

Currently, we offer two tissue culture products, Banana and Robusta Coffee. For the plants raised in nurseries, We offer two main categories of clean planting seedlings: Conventionally propagated seedlings and Micro-propagated seedlings (Tissue Culture).

Our Services

We offer a variety of services in line with agriculture, our main focus being: Research and Development, Paid nursery tours, Farmer organizations, Extension services, Training, etc

What People Say
About Us

I've been working with RPN for several years now, and I can confidently say that their seedlings are top-notch. They're always healthy, well-maintained, and ready for planting. Plus, their team is incredibly knowledgeable and always willing to offer advice and support.
Muhumuza Confidence
I've been working with RPN for my mango and orange seedlings, and have been blown away by the results. The grafted seedlings they provide are top-of-the-line and have significantly improved the quality of my fruit. Their team is also incredibly responsive and always willing to answer my questions.
Mapenzi Alfonse Kenyatta
As a macadamia farmer, I was struggling to find a reliable source of seedlings until I discovered RPN. Their focus on sustainable farming and clean planting materials is exactly what I was looking for. I've been using their macadamia seedlings for years now and have seen a significant improvement in my yields.
Joelle Reign
I recently started a coffee farm and was in need of high-quality seedlings. RPN was recommended to me by a friend, and I couldn't be happier with their service. Their team helped me select the right seedlings for my farm, and I've been impressed with the quality and yields of my farm.
Oketayot Frederick James
I recently switched to using RPN for my pinus and eucalyptus seedlings, and have been thrilled with the results. Their clones are incredibly healthy and have made a noticeable difference in the growth and productivity of my trees. I would highly recommend RPN to any farmer in need of high-quality planting materials.
Kyakuwa Katherine